With a quality bed and mattress, you can have comfortable sleeping time which is extremely important after long days and hard work that many people are subjected to. Many people suffer from insomnia due to different reasons. Inappropriate working hours, stressful life, a large number of obligations cause sleeping disturbance, and they might affect it one’s abilities to sleep normally in the long run. However, there are different items suitable to support you while sleeping.

LUCID Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

As already mentioned, a mattress is one of those products, definitely. It is important to feel comfortable when you lie down, but not all mattresses are capable to provide you such type of service. It means you have to check them out thoroughly before purchasing in order to find the best for yourself. And this article is created with an intention to help you with that. So read below, and you will find some interesting details about one quality mattress with great specifications.

LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress

LUCID Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

This mattress is made in accordance with the latest technology trends of the highest quality material including memory foam. It keeps the same perfect shape, in the long run, no matter how frequent you use the item. LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress is equally suitable for kids and mature persons. The revolutionary hybrid construction is there to relieve pressure points when you sleep. It means you will wake up restful and fresh free of any potential pains caused by a poorly developed bed.

Bamboo Charcoal Infusion

LUCID Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

There is a bamboo charcoal infusion that serves well when it comes to the elimination odor and unpleasant smells. Moisture will also be far away from your skin thanks to that feature. It will keep it healthy and without any potential allergic reaction and issues. Even the most sensitive types of skin have stayed in perfectly healthy conditions on this mattress.

Aloe Vera

LUCID Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

Aloe vera is added to quality transition foam in order to provide relaxing and appealing sleep conditions desirable for use. The mattress is made of several layers and except for the transition foam, there is also 2 inches support foam that supports better feeling, 5 inches edge support that covers angles and borders of the mattress and 5,5 inches individually encased steel coils, which are responsive to movements of the users and create more suitable airflow.


The mattress is thoroughly tested and certified on the quality and performances by the official institutions in the United States. It means you cannot go wrong with this product. Its capabilities to provide you a great sleeping time is legally proved, and the item received a CertiPUR-US Certified badge.

10-Year Warranty

LUCID Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

The producer is completely sure in the products specifications, performances and abilities to serve users in the best possible way, so it supported each item with a 10-year warranty. It means if anything happens with the materials and other aspects of this mattress, you can contact a consumers support, and resolve the problem in cooperation with them. If the failures are not a fault of inappropriate utilization, the manufacturer and its sellers will provide you a completely new mattress or will return your money back.

With the warranty, you are fully covered within 10 years, which is a quite long period of time, and your investment is protected. However, the warranty covers only the territory of the United States according to official information. If you live abroad, this type of protection might not apply to you.


LUCID Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

The dimensions of the mattress are 80 x 39 x 10 inches, and it weighs 50 pounds. The package is a little heavier, and it stands at 59 pounds together with the box. LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress is made in a way that supports easy and simple transportation. It means you can roll the item up and down according to your needs. It is not a problem at all, and the product comes compressed to your home address when you purchase it at a store. It can stay in the box as long as you want, and it does not affect its abilities to provide comfort to the users.

Installation and De-Installation

However, the installation is simple and easy. You just have to roll down the mattress and to place it on your bad. The dimensions of the two should be suitable and appropriate to each other if you want a flawless installation. De-installation is going in the same but opposite way. You just have to remove the mattress from the bad and to roll it up. When you finish this, you can return it back to the back or leave it anywhere else where you find appropriate.

Suitable for Different Rooms

This twin XL mattress is a great solution for your kids and guest rooms, but you can also use it in your sleeping room. It is not the biggest size, and there are several greater ones, but the quality and other specifications are the same. So you have even a chance to select the most appropriate dimensions in accordance with your needs.


LUCID 10 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress is available for purchase at various stores and malls, but you can also buy it online. Amazon is the biggest marketplace with a lot of sellers, and some definitely offer this type of mattress as well. There, you can see all the specifications and details on the matter from the official page. And that’s great because you can do all from the comfort of your home.

You do not need to go anywhere else in order to find this product. You can find it on the screen of your computer. The purchasing is also simplified this way. If you have some of the accepted payment processors, you can buy this item without problems.

The sellers typically ship worldwide, but it is recommended to check all the shipping details before purchasing if you want to avoid any potential troubles that might be caused in that way. The product has quite high-rating there, and it testifies on the quality as well.