A quality mattress on your bed is a necessary item if you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep. But not all of those products are capable to provide you that. Many mattresses are poorly made with harmful materials, which are not wise to use for this purpose. These products might affect your body in a bad way, so you will not be able to enjoy sleeping. The materials might cause different allergies, and you might start having problems with acne and rash.

Modway Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review

Some people have soft, sensitive skin, and they are in danger while using this type of mattresses. Kids, for example, are the most vulnerable group of human beings, so you have to pay attention to this aspect if you have a family with little children. On the other hand, you can also find high-quality mattresses ideal for everyone. Many believe that the quality is closely connected with the price and that top-notch products cost a lot.

However, it is not always the case. There are some truly expensive high-quality mattresses, but you can also find great affordable mattresses that have all the characteristics of top-notch products. It means you do not have to be worried about the costs too much because you can save money and buy an excellent product at the same time.

That’s especially true today when you have an opportunity to do various searches online until you discover the perfect match for yourself. We have an aim to help you with this and support your intention by presenting one great mattress that you can buy from the comfort of your home.

Modway Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress

Modway Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review

This is a quality 10-inch dual mattress ideal for two persons. It provides a comfortable sleeping time, and you will enjoy every moment while lying on this mattress. The product reduces pressure from hot points of your body such as shoulders, back, neck and hips, and you will feel no pain when you wake up. Low-quality mattresses are not capable to provide you this type of comfort, but you will enjoy this one. 10-inches are more than enough to support your body during nights in the long run, and you can use this product wherever you want. You can install it in kids, guess or your own sleeping room. It is up to you because the mattress is suitable for various purposes.

Modway Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress reduces any type of noise and motion between two partners who use the product simultaneously. It means you there will be really low chances to feel the movements of the second user who sleeps next to you. That’s a really great thing for users with different schedules. They will not notice each other when one comes to the bed while the second one sleeps.

This item is developed of several different layers, and they all have unique purposes in providing enjoyable night’s sleep for the users. For example, responsive foam is the first layer that takes the top position next below the cover. It is there to support your body, relieves the pressure, and provides you a pleasant feeling while using the product.

The egg crate foam takes the second position next above the felt liner, which is on the third position from the top to the bottom. Individually wrapped coils are placed at the bottom, and they are necessary because they support all the layers and provide a soft user experience. All the layers are covered with a quality quilted polyester that is perfectly safe and health supportive.

Dimensions and Installation

Modway Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review

The dimensions of this product are as follows: 75 x 54 x 10 inches, and it weighs 68 pounds. The individually wrapped coils take the most space when it comes to thickness. They are 8,5 inches thick, responsive from is 1 inch thick, the rest materials take a total of 0.9 inches. The set-up procedure is simple and user-friendly.

You have to unbox the product and remove the wraps from the surface but be careful not to cut mattress. Then, you have to unroll the item and put in on a bed. There is nothing else when it comes to the installation, however, you should not use it in the first 24 hours. Let it expand completely because they can stay in the box for quite too long, and it takes the time to get a perfect shape. Otherwise, you might have little problems with no straight surface.


Modway Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress Review

The manufacturer is sure of the quality of its product, and a one-year warranty is provided to every buyer. If the mattress loses its ability to serve you in the best way, you can complain and ask for a refund or a new product. A sudden drop in quality, serious issues with shape, or any other problem with material might be a reason to send a complaint.

The sellers and manufacturers are obligated to resolve every problem, in that case, so your investment is safe during the time frame. The only drawback here is in the fact that the warranty lasts for only one year. Many other producers of mattresses provide longer warranties, which are often 10-year long. So the manufacturer and sellers should consider some updates on this matter.

Where to Buy

The product was available on Amazon where it gained a very good rating of 4.5 stars thanks to the hundreds of positive reviews. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it there anymore, but you can visit the seller page to see all the specifications and experiences of those who already purchased this mattress. You can check if it is a good fit for your needs that way, and you can buy it at some other place.

There are many offline and online stores that sell various mattresses, so you can definitely find it in your area. Also, you can search the Internet for the most suitable store with the best price. For example, you can check eBay. Some sellers there still have this product in stock, and that’s a convenient way to get this mattress.