A quality mattress is something you must have if you want a comfortable bed environment for a deep night’s sleep. It relieves the pressure and eliminates the possibility of morning body pain. That’s why you must use it every night. People are typically exposed to hard work and various efforts almost constantly, so a good night’s sleep is of priceless value. A restful man is a powerful one. They can accomplish all the tasks much easier than those exhausted, so it is necessary to pay attention to the sleeping environment.

Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress Review

You are certainly aware of the great size of today’s market. A countless number of products are available out there, however, you can take the maximum only from the highest quality ones. That’s true for all types of items including mattresses. So you should always select some established brands with proved and tested qualities on the market. Also, different mattresses usually vary by size and type. You have mattresses made for small beds as well as those for medium and large beds.

They can be of the same quality if you choose the same model and brand, however, the size is the only difference. Small mattresses are for single users, while the bigger ones are intended for two persons and dual beds. You can freely search and choose the one that fits the best to your needs. Furthermore, this review is here to help you with the selection. If you need a quality and big mattress of king size, then read the text further.

Signature Sleep 10″ Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress Review

Signature Sleep Coil Mattress is a quality and fully comfortable item that provides an excellent user experience. You should forget any issues related to pressure and pain. The product is developed to support the user’s body in the best possible way. This is a king size mattress which means it is the biggest version of the model. It is suitable for a large bed intended for two users who can sleep next to each other in the most enjoyable manner.

The mattress reduces noise and motion. It means you can hardly hear or feel your partner when they sleep next to you. That’s a truly useful thing in the case you have different habits and schedules. One might come later and lay next to another without waking another one. The mattress protects your deep night’s sleep in that way, and that’s a great reason to consider purchasing.

The mattress is 10-inches this which is more than enough to provide a relaxing and enjoyable surface. No matter if you are thin or fat, the mattress will protect the ideal shape, so you will have no problems with the inappropriate position of your body during sleeping.

Different Layers

Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress Review

The mattress is made of a few different layers and each of these has a unique purpose. Premium soft cover is on the top, and it goes over all the layers. The material is made of flexible material, pleasant for human skin. A fire retardant barrier is a top layer that stands next below the soft cover. A responsive memory layer is third from the top.

The main mission of this layer is to provide balanced support for the user’s body and to eliminate motion transfer. A cushioning comfort insulator pad is the next layer, and it has a purpose to relieve the pressure. The high-density support form takes the position below the comfort pad, and it is definitely the thickest layer in this item. The convenient two-sided construction stands at the bottom of the mattress, and it is there to optimize comfort and support.

Breathable Materials

Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress Review

Signature Sleep Coil Mattress is a breathable one, which is very important during hot nights. You probably experience an unfortunate feeling of sleeping during summer. Hot nights can really create various problems such as increased sweating. It is quite hard to sleep deeply when that happens, so people are forced to search for the solution. And you can find it if you purchase this model. It provides a breathable cover that keeps the cool temperature even during hottest days and nights, so you can avoid potential problems that situation creates.

CertiPUR Badge

Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress Review

The mattress is comprehensively tested and checked by the official laboratories and institutions which deal with such a matter in the United States. The product gained a CertiPUR badge, thanks to great characteristics, specifications, and abilities. The production and distribution of this product are recommended and even supported in the United States. So if you want a high-quality mattress, you cannot go wrong with this one.


Signature Sleep 10" Coil Mattress Review

The dimensions of the product are as follows: 80 x 76 x 10 inches, and the item weights approximately 110 pounds. The weight is quite heavy, so you might ask someone to help you during the setup procedure. The mattress typically arrives in a box, so you have to unbox it and remove the strings if you find any. Then, you have to unroll it while it is standing on the bed. If there is enough space, the mattress will fit it nicely. You should not use it for about 72 hours until the item fully expand. When the time frame expires, you can start using the mattress freely.


This product is made by the Signature Sleep company. The brand is on the market for more than 50 years, and they create only the highest-quality products. The name of the firm is a good guarantee that you will get a great product, and that’s truly a nice opportunity for all.


You can buy this product on Amazon. It is an excellent online marketplace with the largest selection of all kind of products. You will definitely notice this mattress has over 9,000 reviews on the site. They testify on the popularity of the product, while the high rating testifies on the quality of this mattress. All in all, this item has the potential to satisfy even the most demanding customers. That’s why you should buy it too.