A mattress is the most important part of any bed. You sleep directly on it, while a bed itself presents just a construction. The mattress has to be quality and comfortable in order to provide you an enjoyable environment. Also, it has to be made of safe and health-supportive materials. Some people have problems with skin that include rash and acne. A mattress has to be there not to increase the problem but to reduce it. Still, you will definitely find a large number of these items that do not satisfy these requirements.

Signature Sleep Mattress Review

They are hard, dangerous, and not pleasant at all. You will hardly have a comfortable night’s sleep on any of them, so it is necessary to avoid the poor quality product if you want to protect your health. There is no big difference in the price. Sometimes, poor quality mattresses might be even more expensive than high-quality ones, and that depends on different circumstances. So why would anyone buy the low-quality product for the same price as a good quality product?

There is no logic in here, but the market is huge, and many buyers are confused. They do not have any knowledge on the subject and just use intuition that often leads them in the wrong direction. Fortunately, the Internet is available to anyone, and everything is visible there. You can find all the available products in that way, and check if they are a good fit for you. You can also read various product reviews like this one to find information on quality mattresses.

Signature Sleep Mattress

Signature Sleep Mattress Review

This is a quality 12 inches dual mattress suitable for your partner and you. Both can sleep simultaneously on this mattress without any interference. The product provides an enjoyable and comfortable sleeping time while reducing and eliminating motion and noise. It means you will hardly feel or heard your partner on this mattress, and your deep sleep will not be interrupted. That’s particularly great when you and your partner have different schedules and habits. If that is the case, both of you would still sleep well next to each other.

The thickness of 12 inches is more than enough to support your bodies in the best possible way. You will feel like you sleep on clouds, and it would be much easier to reach a deep dream. Thanks to this aspect as well as other specification, this mattress also reduces and eliminates pressure from the hot points of the user’s bodies. It means they will wake up restful and without any issues. You can take any position you want while lying on this product, but your body will stay supported.

The product provides a balanced foundation, which is hard to change. You can move and turn as many times as you want without any problems. The mattress also distributes weight equally, and that’s why it keeps maintaining a flat, comfortable surface while you lye down on the bed. Also, the product is made of eco-friendly materials without any harmful ingredients. It is good for different reasons. The mattress protects the environment and the user’s health at the same time.

CertiPUR-US Badge

Signature Sleep Mattress Review

The performance and abilities of this product are officially tested by various laboratories and institutions in the United States. It proved the expectations and gained the CertiPUR-US badge. This type of certification is provided to the highest-quality mattresses recommended by official institutions for buying. That’s a guarantee on the quality as well, so you can be sure that the mattress is really good.

Set-Up Procedure

Signature Sleep Mattress Review

The set-up procedure is quite simple with this product. The first thing you have to do is to unpack the product after receiving the package. Then, you have to unroll it and place on a bed of an appropriate size. Keep in mind this is a quite big dual mattress, so you will need the same type of bed. However, you should not lye instantly on the mattress, but leave it there for about 72 hours to fully decompress. It can stand packed in a box for a month, so it is necessary to give it some time to expand completely.

Dimensions and Materials

Signature Sleep Mattress Review

The dimensions of this mattress are as follows: 80 x 76 x 12 inches. It weighs approximately 83 pounds. The product might be even a little heavier if you take a measure while it stands in the box. The product is made of several layers that form a complete unity. A soft cover is developed of breathable knit material, and it takes the top position and covers all other layers.

This fabric stands directly below the user’s bodies and might come even into direct touch with their skin if there is no sheet on the mattress. A fire retardant barrier takes the second position next below the cover. Responsive memory foam takes the third position, and it is intended to provide balanced support and minimize motion transfer. High-density support foam is on the bottom, and it is backing the layers above.


Signature Sleep Mattress Review

This product is available on Amazon, where you can buy it from the comfort of your home. A credit card, computer, and stable internet connection are only there requirements you have to meet in order to complete the purchase successfully. The mattress will arrive at your home address after a few days or weeks depending on your location. Some sellers provide worldwide shipping option, so you can bu a product from any country in this world.

That’s a suitable way to buy a mattress intended for the US market in a foreign country. Of course, you are not obligated to complete purchase here. You can buy it wherever you what if it is available there. A store might be offline or online, it is up to you to find the most appropriate seller. The only drawback with this product is quite high-price. The mattress is really high-quality, but the price still can be lower. It would gain many new customers that cannot afford it right now.