You have most likely used various mattresses during your lifetime, and you probably noticed a big potential difference among them. Some are poorly made and often cause much more troubles for your body than they should. On the other hand, a high-quality mattress provides an opposite experience while offering you a comfortable and deep sleep full of enjoyment.

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

However, potential customers often have different problems when it comes to selection. That main reason for this is typically a large number of available products, and that might make a confusion. Many mattresses are made in third world countries, so you should be cautious while checking specifications.

Some materials might be inappropriate for the purpose, and they might cause various allergies and skin health issues you have to avoid. High-quality products are often tested and certified by official institutions, so you can be sure that the quality standards are met.

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress is one of the items you should definitely consider if you decide to buy a good, affordable and suitable mattress. It is a queen size item, so two people can use it simultaneously. You do not have to worry about the interference because the product is big enough to provide enough space for you and your partner. You can both sleep well next to each other on this product.

The mattress is firm and supports your body while relieving pressure from hot points. It allows you to wake up completely restful and without any type of pain that’s often caused by low-quality mattresses. It also reduces motion and noise, which is an excellent feature for partners with different habits. You will hardly hear and feel a user that sleeps next to you, and it will help you keep a deep and convenient dream.

The various healthy ingredients are added during the production. Castor Natural Seed Oil and Green Tea extract are two of them. They are great because they act against odor and bacteria and their spreading is disabled thanks to this feature. You will have a chance to sleep in a totally clean and healthy environment that protects your skin in the long run.

That’s a really great detail for people with sensitive skin including kids. They can use and sleep on this mattress without worrying that something might happen wrongly with their skin. The mattress will keep a pleasant green tea smell for a long time despite the fact that it is in constant use.

CertiPUR-US Badge

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

The features and benefits of this mattress are tested in official laboratories and institutions in the United States of America. They formally approved all the advantages of this product, and it holds a CertiPUR-US badge given for the quality. You can be sure that you will get at least a decent item, thanks to this certification.

Selling on the US market is allowed and supported with the badge, but it is suitable for every other market, and it is not limited for the United States only. It means you can use it anywhere you find it appropriate.

Different Layers

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress is developed of several different layers with an intention to maximally improve the user experience. The knitted jacquard cover stands at the top of the product, and micro-fiber quitted fabric takes the second position next below the cover. High-density foam is at the third place while your number from the top to the bottom.

Visco-latex foam takes the fourth position and innerspring support system stands at the bottom The last layer is definitely the thickest one, and it is calculated at a total of 6 inches. The entire mattress with all the layers is 8 inches thick. It is not the thickest product out there, but it is thick enough to support your body in a positive way during the night’s sleep.


Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

The dimensions of Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress are as follows: 80 x 60 x 8 inches, and it weighs approximately 65 pounds. It is a little heavier than some counterparts of the same sizes due to the innerspring support layer, which is partially made of aluminum. Still, it is not heavy too much, so you will handle it quite easily when it comes to the installation.

Set-Up Procedure

Zinus 8 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress Review

The set-up procedure is quite simple. You have to unpack the product at first. Then you have to remove all the strings if you find any. Put it on a bed of an appropriate size. It is important to be a good fit in order to provide the best possible user experience. You have to unroll it while it is standing on the bed and leave it there for approximately 72 hours. This mattress might stay quite long in boxes, and it is necessary to give them some time to fully expand after unpacking.


A 10-year warranty is also provided for this mattress, and it covers all the obvious drops in quality caused by inappropriate materials or way of production. Your money will stay safe if that happens. The manufacturer will resolve the issue and cover the damage. Typically, a new product is given to those who have such troubles. Also, the money might be returned in a case when the manufacturer and sellers are not able to resolve the issue in any different way.

Best Place to Buy

Furthermore, Amazon is a great online marketplace where you can buy this mattress. The prices are often lower there, so it should be your first choice. You can make a purchase from the comfort of your chair, and there is no need to go anywhere else. The product will be delivered in a few days after making the payment. The sellers typically provide worldwide shipping, and you can get a product intended for the US market regardless of your place of living.