Low-Quality mattresses are a frequent reason for the morning pain in the user’s bodies. They might increase pressure in hot points which cause an unpleasant feeling when you wake up. That’s because their surface is not completely flat, and they are often too tough for this purpose. Sometimes, low-quality mattresses are made of poor materials that might cause various allergies such as acne or rash, and in some cases even more serious health problems.

Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress Review

That’s why you should try to avoid using poor-quality mattresses at all cost. It is better to pay a higher price and get an appropriate product that can serve you well. Your body will be protected and you will have a deep, enjoyable dream. However, the market is truly huge, and it is sometimes hard to make the right choice when it comes to the purchase. That’s why you have to do proper research on the subject in order to select the best product for yourself. Various reviews can definitely help you to make the right decision, so read further.

Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress

Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress Review

This product is suitable for two users who can sleep together next to each other without troubles and any interference. A single person can use it alone as well. It would be even better user experience because there would be much more space for lying and sleeping in different body positions. The mattress is made with an intention to eliminate pressure from hot points on the user’s body. It provides a comfortable night sleep without problems. You wake up restful and without any pain caused by the product because your entire organism was supported overnight with this mattress.

The surface of this item is without any issues and faults, you can use it comfortably without worries. The mattress provides balanced support and will transfer the weight of users bodies in an equal way. That will allow the mattress to stay flat all the time. Also, it reduces and often eliminates completely any type of motion and noise overnight.

That’s definitely an excellent thing for partners with different habits and schedules. There are low chances to feel or hear your partner while laying down on the bed, so you will most likely preserve your deep dream when that happens.

Different Layers for Better Support

Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress Review

The mattress is made with a combination of several different layers and is supported with Top Comfort Foam layer and high-density foam layer. They are included with an intention to maximally improve the user experience while providing an awesome sleeping time. The entire mattress is 10 inches thins, which is more than enough for a fully comfortable feeling. The iCoil layer is at the bottom, and it supports all the layers and the user’s bodies. That’s also the thickest part of the mattress.

Dimensions, Size, and Installation

Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress Review

The dimensions of the product are as follows: 75 x 39 x 10 inches, and it weighs approximately 63 pounds. These are average figures considering the type of this mattress. It is maybe slightly heavier than some counterparts of the same dimensions, but that’s nothing significant, of course. The set-up procedure is user-friendly, and you will not lose too much time during the installation. The first step is to unpack the product completely. It means you have to pull it out from the box and remove strings if there is any. Then, you have to place in on a bed and unroll it when you finish this.

Keep in mind, this is a twin mattress for two users, and the bed has to be of an appropriate size. When you finish with the installation, leave the mattress there for about 72 hours because it can take some time to fully expand. These mattresses might stay in boxes for weeks and months, so it is important to be patient during the set-up procedure and not use it during the first two-three days.

Best Place to Buy

Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress Review

Also, the package and delivery might depend on a store where you decide to buy this product. It is certainly available in many places, but you can find it and buy it online as well. The Internet is a huge resource, and it simplifies the entire procedure of purchasing. You will save your time because you can find a desirable product in minutes just by entering an appropriate query in the Google search bar.

Big online marketplaces like Amazon have millions of sellers, and many of them provide various discounts and other advantages. Amazon is also great because the majority of their stores provide worldwide shipping, and you can pay using different payment methods. Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress is currently available on the website, and you can find it there.


Zinus Sleep Master Extra Firm iCoil 10 Inch Spring Mattress Review

The materials of this product are carefully tested in official institutions and laboratories in the United States of America. Their quality is proved by official experts who perform scientific researches in these centers, so all buyers can be sure that they will get a quality product if they choose to buy this one.

However, it has to be original, of course, and that’s why you have to avoid any type of shady stores that might sell your something else. Furthermore, this mattress is a barrier of a CertiPUR-US badge that testifies on the quality of the product. The certification is visible on an original pack, and the item is approved for the US market as a top-notch one.


An excellent 10-years warranty is also provided with this product, and your investments will be secured during the long time frame. If the quality of materials suddenly drops with no clear reason, you will have a chance to resolve the problem with the seller and producer.

The truthful and correct complains have to be accepted, and the manufacturer and seller will replace the product and provide a new one to you. In the case that they are not able to provide you a new mattress, they will return your money back. That’s the power of this great and useful warranty.